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Southwestern Motor Transport, Inc. is seeking drivers and owner operators to join our team. Please click on Jobs link or call 1-800-533-1071 ext. 2348 for more information.

To Our Valued Customers:

SMT has received numerous requests for comment regarding the impact of new emerged COVID-19 on supply chains, specifically SMT service.

From an operational standpoint, the basic fear in any pandemic scenario is that a significant number of employees could be unable to attend work due to illness, thus hampering a company’s ability to perform services.  With this in mind, SMT continues to monitor the status of COVID-19, as we monitor every potential pandemic, in accordance with our personnel and disaster preparedness policies.  At present, SMT is not aware of any cases of COVID-19 affecting our personnel or our ability to perform services.

SMT has a response plan in place that includes contingency plans for possible work disruption issues.  SMT continues to monitor this situation and hopes to have more definitive information as the situation develops.  For additional information, the CDC has set up a website (Coronavirus Disease 2019, available at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html) to provide information as it becomes available.

We value our customers, our associates, and our future.  We are communicating precautions and awareness to our internal associates and will continue to communicate with you as additional details emerge.

Southwestern Motor Transport, Inc.